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Darren is a dynamic professional communicator with a proven track record of success as a television host, keynote speaker and legal analyst.

Darren is the creator and host of the television show Deadly Sins, which airs on Investigation Discovery. He's been named one of the "Top 100 Trial Lawyers in California" each year since 2007. He regularly appears as an analyst on dozens of nationally syndicated shows including CNN, the Today Show and Entertainment Tonight.

Most importantly, Darren is a real life demonstration of what's possible for human beings to achieve. Because of his decades of experience dealing with extreme forms of misbehavior (both his clients and his own), Darren knows that change can happen in a moment, and that the past does not have to affect the future. Enthusiastic, passionate and vibrant, Darren will never deliver the usual lawyerly "blah blah."

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What Others Are Saying

"Darren is a superstar as both a field correspondent and legal analyst! His energy, creativity, and commitment to delivering great TV are unparalleled.... He is a sound bite machine!" Jeffrey Wilson
Senior News Producer
Entertainment Tonight & The Insider
"Darren is the Voice of Reason." Jane Velez-Mitchell
Host, Jane Velez-Mitchell on HLN
Bravo Darren Kavinoky! Your story is eye-opening, motivating, touching, educational, & infectious. #Bethe billboard Samantha Schacher
Co-Host/Pop Culture Expert Dr Drew On Call on HLN
I'm a professional meeting and event planner, and I’ve seen many speakers. Darren is, quite simply, one of the best. He is dynamic, polished, inspiring, funny, and most importantly, authentic. His delivery is beyond compelling, however, it is his ability to emotionally connect with his audience that changes lives when he presents. I will absolutely book Darren again! Rebekah Hubbell
Meeting Planner
WOW! Darren is an amazing speaker with an inspirational story that anyone can relate to. He is the perfect example of what is possible! Vicky La Celle
Orange County Paralegals Association President, APC
In past life we have great men and leaders like Moses, Gandhi, Einstein and in present time we have great men and leaders like, Warren Buffett, Kevin Share, Bill Gates. In the future we have the potential great man and leaders, Darren Kavinoky Brian Theiss
President/CEO Theiss Institute