Darren Kavinoky makes great television.

Darren is rapidly becoming the face of the Investigation Discovery network. He’s the co-creator and host of Deadly Sins, the ‘Criminal Interventionist’ on Breaking Point, and the voice of the defense on Did He Do It? Whether taking viewers ‘Inside the Case’ for the nationally syndicated The Insider, or as an expert contributor to countless other news, entertainment, and crime shows, his on-camera energy and insight are second to none.

The Today Show. NBC Nightly News. The View. Entertainment Tonight. The Insider. Dr. Phil. CNN Newsroom. Fox News.

These are just a few of the shows that rely on Darren to deliver unique insight, expert analysis, and a dash of no-nonsense authentic truth to their audiences on a regular basis. When it comes to TV and radio appearances, Darren always makes booking producers look brilliant.

  • I consider myself incredibly lucky that I get to work with a pro like Darren. In addition to being a joy to be around, Darren is a natural talent with unbridled enthusiasm and drive to "get it right". He makes everyone on the crew want to be better at what we do.
    Van KingExecutive Producer, Deadly Sins
  • Quite simply, Darren is one of the best TV hosts in the business: he's polished, professional and, most importantly, charismatic. It was an absolute pleasure working with him on DID HE DO IT?. Without a doubt he made a huge contribution to the show's success.
    Nick GodwinCreative Director, BriteSpark Films
  • At the top of his game and has the main ingredient for compelling television!
    Bonnie TiegelSenior Producer, Entertainment Tonight & The Insider