10 Hair-Raising Lines from The Girl on the Train

10 Hair-Raising Lines from The Girl on the Train


Darren Kavinoky, Book Club The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Three quarters of the way through “The Girl on the Train,” it becomes increasingly difficult to put down this who done it mystery novel. The thrilling one liners keep the pages turning. As the perspective of the story shifts, clues to the mystery are slowly revealed. A tale of murder, betrayal and sinister motives, “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins reveals the dark side of humanity.

Paula Hawkins does a masterful job of revealing personality traits in her carefully crafted dialogue. Can you name who said what from these ten lines in “The Girl on the Train?” What does it tell you about the character who said it?

1. “The police are here Rachel…”

2. “…the holes in your life are permanent.”

3. “When did you become so weak?”

4. “I can feel the heat come to my face, my stomach a pit of acid.”

5. “…she’d have made him into something he’s not.”

6. “I didn’t even go after her…”

7. “…I shouldn’t have let things get this far.”

8. “I told you it wouldn’t be a stranger…”

9. “We were both so cold.”

10. “…I’m glad she’s gone. Good riddance.”

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