Inside the Case: Short, Hernandez, and Durst

Inside the Case: Short, Hernandez, and Durst


Columbus Short Double Trouble

Columbus_Short_at_WonderCon_3Columbus Short, the actor who was on the hit ABC series Scandal is facing both criminal battery charges and a civil lawsuit for the same incident.

In December a judge ruled there was sufficient evidence from Short’s bar fight to proceed with a trial on felony battery charges. Short is being accused of taking part in a fight in March 2014 at a Los Angeles bar, where he allegedly knocked out a man and fractured his eye socket. If the actor is convicted he can face up to four years in prison.

Whatever the judge decides to do on the criminal battery case, Short is also being sued by the victim for money in civil court, where there’s completely different legal standards that apply.

Aaron Hernandez Faces Prison Blues

aaron-hernandez-verdictWhen Aaron Hernandez goes to prison he will likely become one of the most well-known inmates in the facility. He’s also likely to face a harsh new reality of prison life – the loneliness.

The irony is a guy who had such camaraderie on the field and has lived the life of a privileged athletic superstar will endure stark isolation and a lack of human interaction. It’s the aloneness that drives people mad in prison.

Hernandez will eventually be housed at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts, about 40 miles outside downtown Boston. Called Souza for short, the maximum security prison is one of the most high tech in the country.

A CNN story on the prison quotes legal advocates for inmates who describe Souza as sterile and violent at once. It is a very dangerous prison that is right now experiencing a veritable flood of opiates.

Dealing with this new reality of life without the possibility of parole will be hard but the possibility of starting his sentence in solitary could make it even more difficult for someone who just two years ago was a star player in one of the NFL’s top teams.

Robert Durst in High Demand

Robert-durstThe two things Robert Durst has plenty of right now is time and money and he will need both to get through his latest legal cases.

For those keeping score at home, Durst has federal prosecutors after him on gun and drug charges, Louisiana state prosecutors for gun and drug charges and Los Angeles prosecutors for murder.

And as I have said more than once, when you get that many lawyers involved only one thing is certain: Nothing is going to get done fast.

According to the LA Times, after the arraignment on federal charges Tuesday one friend and employee to believe Durst will never be extradited to face a murder charge in California.

Right now, Louisiana has Durst locked up in one of their jails and appears to have the advantage of holding the defendant. Back in LA, they’re able to use this time to build a case that just might need some extra work. As for the Feds, they might just be happy to sit back and watch what everyone else does.

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