Top 10 Things Not To Do On Tequila Day

Top 10 Things Not To Do On Tequila Day



July 24th is National Tequila Day. Darren Kavinoky brings you his sage advice* for the Top Ten Things Not To Do On Tequila Day. We all know that tequila, or the good ones at least, can make us spill the beans, so imbibe safely on #TequilaDay! Avoid bean spilling and enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

Top 10 Things Not To Do on Tequila Day by Darren Kavinoky

Top 10 Things Not To Do on Tequila Day by Darren Kavinoky

Have some fun with Darren’s advice and take it with a grain of salt (tequila pun intended). Darren doesn’t drink at all ever so he doesn’t know how real the struggle can be. It’s way more fun to post on social media after you’ve been drinking and so tempting to text an ex… But, he’s probably right that we should avoid both after a shot of the bean spilling juice.
You can always keep 1.800.NoCuffs in your back pocket just in case you can’t follow all of his very strict sucking the fun out of everything rules!


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Remember to imbibe safely and make good choices Tequila Drinkers! Look for a safe way home if you’re not there already.

Tequila Day 1800 No Cuffs Darren Kavinoky


July 24, 2016 is Tequila Day and while I personally don’t drink, as an attorney I do have some advice* for a day that could wind up getting you into some trouble. Tequila is known as the truth serum of alcohols, so here is my list of the top 10 things you should not do while imbibing for tequila day.

Number 10. Do not make any admissions of any kind today.

Number 9. Do not have a heart-to-heart with your significant other today.

Number 8. Do not attend any meetings with the IRS today.

Number 7. Cancel all press conferences.

Number 6. Avoid answering any of your children’s questions.

Number 5. Do not write in your diary.

Number 4. Avoid all social media. I repeat do not post anything on social media today.

Number 3. If your mother calls don’t pick up the phone.

Number 2. And this is an important one, only celebrate tequila day with your BFF – that person that would take your secrets to the grave. Just in case you tell any…

And the number one Rule to follow on Tequila Day is never be further than 10 feet from a bathroom.


–Darren Kavinoky

*Advice is for entertainment purposes only.

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