5 #MondayMotivation Tips to Refresh at Work

5 #MondayMotivation Tips to Refresh at Work


March 21, 2015–Los Angeles, California–Each spring we are given the opportunity to start fresh and begin anew. We often think of this as a time to clean out the garage and reboot our home lives, but we can also apply the same “start fresh” attitude to our business lives. Here are 5 #MotivationMonday tips to refresh at work.
From your keynote speech to your four office walls, there is always room for tidying things up at work.

5 #MondayMotivation tips to spring into action


1. Spring cleaning

“Spring Cleaning” isn’t just for the linen closet at home. Look around your office, what should you have thrown out last year? Could the walls use a fresh coat of paint? How old is that art work hanging on your walls? Could you frame something more current? Have you actually hung up the plaque you won from the last awards dinner? This month we took the opportunity to freshen up our look in the office at 1.800.NoCuffs – The Kavinoky Law Firm and it has done wonders.

2. Organizational tools

Organizational tools work wonders to improve efficiency. Hang a white board, (or better yet just buy white board markers and utilize your windows), fill a bulletin board with vision items, buy an old school paper desk size monthly calendar to jot down action items. With a quick shopping trip to a Staples supply store, you could turn your office into a more efficient work space.

3. Print and rewrite

Print and rewrite your keynote speech. If you haven’t polished your keynote in some time, then you are overdo to give your speech an overhaul. (Check out Darren Kavinoky’s tips on updating your keynote here.) I know you have it on your laptop, but find some paper you can recycle (keeping things green here!) and print it out. Read it out loud with a pencil in hand. Write your changes down. Check mark anything that doesn’t sound current–or for that matter interesting–when you hear yourself say it out loud.

4. File and purge

File and purge the stack of papers that has been piling up on your desk. We’re all guilty of letting things gather in a stack with the thought that we will get to it eventually. Maybe it’s at your feet, maybe it’s in a box. But it’s there waiting for you like an alligator eyeing its prey. If you don’t get on top of it now and tackle it, it will get the best of you. With tax time here, this is the perfect time to get it all out of the way.

5. Reprint your business cards and promotional materials

Reprint your business cards and promotional materials so they are fresh. Look through anything printed including stationary that represents your company. Is it up to date? Have you included your social media tags? Do you have a new phone number? Get your personal brand current and make sure it is in line how you want to connect with your audience. Don’t try to save on printing at the cost of getting you message out. Spring is a great time to revisit branding, logos, taglines, mission statements and your company’s advertising strategy.