August Book Selection: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

August Book Selection: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Darren Kavinoky

Darren Kavinoky

Dear fellow book lovers,

Welcome to the new members and welcome back to existing members of the Darren Kavinoky Book Club!

It’s been a hot summer and we think this month’s book will thrill lovers of mystery and #IDAddicts in the club.

For the month of August, the Darren Kavinoky Book Club will be reading Dark Matter, a science fiction thriller by Blake Crouch.

Blake Crouch is the author of the popular book Wayward Pines. So, be prepared—you may sit down to read a chapter in Dark Matter and find yourself glued to the book until the very last page…

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We will be digging into some great books as we read so hashtag your #DKBookClub feedback, thoughts and theories with #DigInWithDarren.  I am looking forward to unraveling this mystery novel with you!

Dark Matter

For more on the author of the book, Blake Crouch, please visit:

As always, let’s remember to keep our discourse friendly!  I know I always enjoy hearing your thoughts–I hope you will enjoy sharing with one another as well.  

Book Club Questions

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See you between the pages!

Your friend,

Darren Kavinoky, Esq.,

Where can I buy Dark Matter by Blake Crouch?

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch is the Darren Kavinoky August 2016 Book of the Month for the mystery thriller #IDAddicts and science fiction lovers in the book club. This book is available online in Paperback, Hard Cover, and Audiobook via the links below. NOTE: is not affiliated with these links, sites or their services in any way.)


Also available at:
Dark Matter at AMAZON

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