Entrepreneurs Play Big at Skirball

Entrepreneurs Play Big at Skirball


Darren Kavinoky to speak at Melissa MacFarlane Play Big 2016 event February 10th at Skirball Cultural Center
Hey Los Angeles friends!

I would love to see you at this incredible speaking LOCAL event next week. I’m excited to be joining Melissa MacFarlane at PLAY BIG 2016 for creative entrepreneurs in Los Angeles. I am scheduled to speak at 4:15 PM on Wednesday, February 10th at the Skirball Cultural Center.

Define Entrepreneur

What is an entrepreneur? In 2016 this definition has evolved to include everyone who has a product, service or business to promote--including themselves! So in the noisy online world today, it's imperative to find creative solutions to succeed.

"Melissa MacFarlane is a total pro! I was instantly amazed by her ability to communicate with ease how I could improve my business model."--Darren Kavinoky

Melissa MacFarlane's event is geared towards helping you find innovative solutions. Founder of Creative Successful Entrepreneurs, she is a master business strategist and coach. Her goal is to help you rise above the rest.

Melissa MacFarlane is a total pro! I was instantly amazed by her ability to communicate with ease how I could improve my business model. Her three day event runs February 10-12th and will be worth your time if you are looking for ways to decrease stress, streamline work, and reinvigorate sales growth.

Many of you know my personal story from either first-hand accounts or hearing me quip about it on TV.  I would be honored to have you present when I speak about where I have come from live at PLAY BIG. I will be sharing past roads I diverged upon, as well as my current journey of business branding and media success.

Here is a link to sign up for a free* ticket.

*PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT TICKET, which means you will be refunded the money for the deposit immediately when you arrive at the event.

I always enjoy appearing on amazing shows like Dr. Phil and The Insider, but my greatest joy in life is speaking. I feel called to do it. When I tell a joke on television, I can't hear you laugh (or groan) through the camera. When I speak in front of a crowded room, it's different. I can see expressions. Please, come hang out with me in person at Melissa's event.

At PLAY BIG 2016 I will be sharing my three step process towards success:

  1. Amplify your message by getting booked on TV.
  2. Accelerate your message by being great on TV.
  3. Adore your business by ringing the cash register as a result of TV.


I look forward to seeing you Wednesday, February 10th at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles.

Your friend,

Darren Kavinoky
Chief Strategist, GetYourselfBooked.com
Founding Attorney, 1.800.NoCuffs
TV Host, Legal Analyst, & Keynote Speaker, DarrenKavinoky.com

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