Join the Darren Kavinoky Friendship Day Challenge

Join the Darren Kavinoky Friendship Day Challenge


Friendship Day is August 7th

Celebrate Friendship Day with Darren Kavinoky August 7th–Friendship day is a fun day to let your best buddies know you care. While most people hangout, send texts and maybe even exchange the traditional friendship bracelets, I’m throwing down a challenge to my friends: show you care and really value our friendship by shaving your head.

I mean Don Lemon did it for me. Steve Harvey did it, so did Dr. Phil! I don’t think it’s asking so much?!

Show you care, get rid of your hair! [Learn how to donate your hair, generally speaking 10 inches is the required length.]

I would get a new hairdo for you!

–Darren Kavinoky


Join Darren Kavinoky Friendship Day Challenge and donate your hair to help those who can benefit from your generous gift of hair.

Darren Kavinoky's #FriendshipDayChallenge donate your hair for Friendship Day August 7th

Behind the Scenes on set with Darren Kavinoky #FriendshipDayChallenge wearing the Donald Trump wig.

Looking for somewhere to donate your hair?

Donate your hair for charity. Looking for a place to turn over your locks? Check out Locks of Love This organization is not affiliated with Darren Kavinoky. Please research any organization before you donate.

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