First signs of Rachel’s alcoholism in The Girl on the Train

First signs of Rachel’s alcoholism in The Girl on the Train


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I hope you had a chance last week to pick up this month’s book, “The Girl on the Train” a novel by Paula Hawkins, and start digging your nose into it. The reaction to the book selection has been overwhelmingly positive!

This week we are talking about Rachel’s alcoholism in “The Girl on the Train” as it unravels in the first chapters. What do you think is the first sign that Rachel is an alcoholic?

They are many clues in chapter one–no one right answer–but for certain it’s clear by the time that Rachel passes out from drinking a bottle of wine with blood dripping from her finger and leaves an uncooked steak on the kitchen counter that she has a problem. Here are a few of your responses and first clues:

Chapter Two took us back a year and into Megan’s point of view. Unable to figure out her life course, her husband seems to be very supportive and understanding. When she can’t hold down the nanny job for more than a few days, how many of you started to think perhaps something is amiss with this character? By the time Megan is in her therapist’s office where she should be talking about her brother Ben, yet she seems more interested in her therapist’s “wolfish smile,” we realize she is stock full of issues.

Things heat up in the last scene of Chapter Two, when Megan says “our eyes meet for just a second and he smiles at me” [pg 27]. Even though we have no idea who “he” is, at this point the book takes off and begs you not to put it down.

When you turn the page to start Chapter Three, Rachel’s alcoholism is confirmed as is more than one affair…

See you between the pages!

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