Record Store Day is April 16th

Record Store Day is April 16th


Record Outlet. Record Store Day is April 16
April 14, 2016–Los Angeles, California–To Kc Staples, owner of Record Outlet in Thousand Oaks, California, preserving the family business and the sound of vinyl records is important. With Record Store Day coming up April 16th, is placing the spotlight on one small store that has been spinning records for nearly twenty years.

Kc Staples shares his insight about the music industry today. “Obviously people have always tried to theorize ‘oh rock is dead’ or ‘this is not going to keep going.’ And it is interesting that this sort of rock music has become generational as it had, although the newer artists are listening to lots of different things so whatever comes along is an amalgamate of all the things that they listen to.” (Watch interview below).

What was Kc Staples first record? “My first record was ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ by The Beatles,” says Staples. “My grandmother bought for me. My grandmother who was born in the late 1800s and had been a concert pianist at the turn of the first century for some reason liked The Beatles. I think she heard something in the harmony in their vocals when she saw them on TV. So she decided to buy me some of their records. And we would dance around my crib to those songs. But later I think, I came to the conclusion that maybe she was doing it because my mother did not like The Beatles and she was doing it to piss my mom off.”

How does KC Staples survive the ups and downs of the music industry? “I have always seen myself I guess like the tortoise and the hare, you know, and like slow and steady wins the race. I just stay consistent at what I do and what I do best. I sometimes see myself like, if you envision a circle and I’m somewhere on that circle and popularity and trends come around. Eventually, every now and then, I’m back in popularity and trend. I just got to wait for it.”

Watch Kc Staples interview

Record Outlet Kc Staples Interview from Nicole Hanratty on Vimeo.

Record Store Day

Listen to new indie music artist album Anchor And Bear “Ahoy!” released July 20, 2015, produced by Kc Staples and Anchor & Bear.


#AskDarren: What is the first record you remember owning?
Darren: “Soundtrack to Pirates of the Caribbean”

#AskDarren: What is the first record you bought with your own money?
Darren: “Led Zeppelin’s ‘In Through the Out Door’

#AskDarren: What were some of your favorite albums?
Darren: “Steve Miller, Bob Seger, Billy Joel, Foreigner, Loverboy and Def Leppard–my first album.”

Record Outlet
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