Top 10 Fake Your Death Scenarios

Top 10 Fake Your Death Scenarios


Darren Kavinoky, #fakeyourdeath Top 10 Fake Your Death Scenarios

Darren Kavinoky #FakeYourDeath Top 10 Tweeted Scenarios

April 11, 2016–Los Angeles, California–Sometimes music is a great inspiration and this article is inspired by the can’t help but sing along soul stirring My Chemical Romance “Fake Your Death” song. Have you ever thought of faking your death? It’s certainly a fun party question and one that makes great cocktail conversation.
We asked our fans on Twitter @DarrenKavinoky, “How would you fake your death?” The tweeted responses were frighteningly entertaining! So here for your perusing pleasure are the Top 10 Fake Your Death Scenarios. (Be sure to give the song a listen while you’re reading through the sneaky tweets!) And might we add, it seems as though a few of you have given this a little too much thought…
My Chemical Romance “Fake Your Death”

Here are the top ten #fakeyourdeath scenarios our Tweeters came up with:


No. 1 #FakeYourDeath Scenario

Twitter user @patrickhuss answered, “Disappear from a cruise ship, let them think I went overboard. Plausible lack of body is key.”


No. 2 #FakeYourDeath Scenario

Twitter user @commonsense258 answered, “crash my plane into the Florida Everglades after I parachute to safety. Between the swamp and the gators, no body.”


No. 3 #FakeYourDeath Scenario

Twitter user @Rubble70 answered, “Death By Misadventure. Falling into active volcano in Hawaii. No body to recover,witnesses saw it,I’m in the wind!


No. 4 #FakeYourDeath Scenario

Twitter user @NicoleSchinelli answered, “All I know is, I’d get a $3mill+ LifeInsurancePolicy on myself & make my new identity the beneficiary. Hawaii, here I come.”


No. 5 #FakeYourDeath Scenario

Twitter user @dontbeafraid08 answered, “stay in my house and have a family member post on my FB that i had died. Simple. Then..i would grow a beard like Leo.”


No. 6 #FakeYourDeath Scenario

Twitter user @BobbyKoester answered, “I’d put my hair and fingerprints and teeth in a mannequin and nuke it with radiation in a chamber until it’s liquid.


No. 7 #FakeYourDeath Scenario

Twitter user @tatianabell8 answered, “pretending to get get hit by a train then hold on the side of the train and hop inside… run away creating a new life..”


No. 8 #FakeYourDeath Scenario

Twitter user @SoccerPoet answered, “kayaking accident. Buys distance and time and no fear of a witness.”


No. 9 #FakeYourDeath Scenario

Twitter user @WildWes7g7 answered, “get into a Craigslist fiasco.”


No. 10 #FakeYourDeath Scenario

Twitter user @PangeanNetwork answered, “Don’t know the name but do know there is a drug that Shamans have where it appears the person is dead-”

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