Peggy Ann McGuire Still Missing After One Year

Peggy Ann McGuire Still Missing After One Year


Peggy Ann McGuire.  Photo courtesy of McGuire Family

Peggy Ann McGuire. Photo courtesy of McGuire Family

November 16th marks the one year anniversary of Peggy Ann McGuire vanishing from Stidham, Oklahoma.

Peggy’s last known location, according to phone records from the OSBI, was at her home that she shared with her son’s father, Thomas Ryan McIntosh.

Peggy spoke with her stepfather, whom she phoned on her way back home from dropping her son off at school. She was going to call her stepfather back on that Monday morning with the measurements for a new deck, but no one has heard from Peggy since.

Another day passed with no contact. Peggy’s mother filed a missing person’s report on Wednesday, leaving 48 hours between the time Peggy disappeared and when police became involved.

An image captured the next morning around 5:00 a.m. shows Peggy’s Toyota truck, located less than ten miles from her home, being parked at T&J’s Ice House off Highway 9. A figure can be seen walking away from the truck and away from the bar, heading south.

When I went by Peggy’s home, to reach her sons father, Thomas for comment, no one was available and no one returned my call.

I reached several of Peggy’s friends and they had plenty to say about their friend, how much they miss her, how wonderful she was, and their concerns with Peggy’s relationship with her son’s father and will never stop searching.

I had a chance to sit down and speak with Special Agent, Jenny Virden, about the case. I voiced my concerns and where the case is at this time. Virden said the following, “there has not been any communication from Peggy through any type of technology, social media, cell phones and family or through bank accounts, no use of Peggy’s social security number, absolutely no trace of her being alive. Thomas has been cooperating with law enforcement but he has not been eliminated as being a person of interest”. Agent Virden also assured me the OSBI are working diligently on Peggy’s case everyday.

Peggy is a licensed practical nurse, who passed her boards in June 2015. Less than four months of her disappearance. She loves to hunt and fish, loves animals and, in addition to her love for her pet dogs, she helps care for more than 100 head of cattle, the land and a group of goats. Peggy is a hard worker and loved by her co-workers and patients. Peggy loves her job as a nurse. Peggy volunteers as a coach on her son’s basketball team. Everyone I interviewed has told me, you never see Peggy without her son. She was involved with school events, helped her son get into showing sheep, loves to take him fishing, most of all celebrating holidays with him, and teaching him to shoot a bow and arrow. Peggy’s son was her life.

The FBI has been assisting OSBI with the case and it’s still an ongoing investigation. Peggy’s son has been placed in DHS custody and is not with his father, Thomas McIntosh.

Peggy McGuire is described as 5’10” tall, weighing 140 lbs. with long curly blonde hair and blue eyes.

If you have any information about what happened to her, call the OSBI hotline at 1-800-522-8017 or McIntosh County Sheriff’s Department at (918) 689-2526.


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