#NationalIceCreamDay is Cone Licking Good

#NationalIceCreamDay is Cone Licking Good

Darren Kavinoky 2016 #NationalIceCreamDay at Dodger Game

Darren Kavinoky 2016 #NationalIceCreamDay at Los Angeles Dodgers Game


July 17th is National Ice Cream Day. Darren prepped early for today by licking up some vanilla ice cream at the Dodger Game after he ate his Dodger Dog. 9 innings of Dodger Baseball can give you a sweet tooth after all, and in this summer heat, ice cream seems like the smartest way to cool down.
If you are health conscious there is no need to feel left out of the fun! Check out the nutrition label on Snickerdoodle Dandy by Arctic Zero ice cream, you can have an ice cream serving (1/2 cup) for only 75 calories.
The company recently released some interesting findings (below) that show many of us let guilt get in the way of indulging. Full disclosure, I’ve not yet tried Arctic Zero ice cream, but it looks like a great way to return cool refreshing treats into your balanced diet. Arctic Zero https://www.arcticzero.com/. Reminder: Arctic Zero is lactose free not dairy free.
If you have a milk allergy (like me), OR if you are vegan, and looking for the most amazing gelato ever, try Millies Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt. This one I have tried, but at 280 calories for a half of a cup serving, fair warning it’s more than double the calories of Arctic Zero.
via MilliesGelato.com: “Pure and simple, Millie’s Vegan Gelato is made with care.
Each small batch is crafted with the finest gluten-free, vegan ingredients we can find.
Check out these cool National Ice Cream day promos, free ice cream offers and giveaways found on the web:
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Your pets can get involved on #NationalIceCreamDay via PetSmart

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According to a recent ARTCIC ZERO PRESS RELEASE JULY 13, 2016:

National Survey:* “Americans’ Relationship Status With Ice Cream? It’s Complicated” by ARCTIC ZERO

1. “About a third of American adults limit their ice cream consumption because they feel it’s not a healthy choice, and a quarter say they avoid eating ice cream altogether.”

2. “Overindulgence in ice cream causes feelings of guilt.”

3. “And nearly half of Americans (49%) and most women (54%) said they would prefer an ice cream they could eat every day without compromising their diet or wellness goals.”

*Research firm Toluna conducted the online survey of 1,000 representative American adults for ARCTIC ZERO on June 21(st) and 22(nd), 2016.

For more information, please visit arcticzero.com or find ARCTIC ZERO on Facebook (www.facebook.com/arcticzero), Twitter (@myarcticzero), Instagram (@arcticzero) Snapchat (@arcticzeroyum) and Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/arcticzero).

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