Social Media Tips from Infographics Expert

Social Media Tips from Infographics Expert

Piktochart Social Media Manager Wilson Moy Interview

Piktochart Social Media Manager Wilson Moy

Engaging Social Media with Cool Infographics

“Gone are the days of spammy social media posts to a general list of audiences while hoping for a small percentage of response,” says social media expert Wilson Moy. Ever wondered how to create a cool infographic to make your blog post, social media post or business presentation come alive? Piktochart is one of the leaders in the infograph playing space and is also great place to learn. They help you create free infographics, and allow advanced infographic design for reports, and presentations. Wilson Moy, Piktochart’s social media manager, shares his approach to creating infographics to enhance your business in this exclusive interview for See how 1.800.NoCuffs uses infographics that cover a range of legal topics including multiple criminal court process infographics, alcohol absorption rates, and DUIs.

Interview with Piktochart Infographic Social Media Manager Wilson Moy

by Nicole Hanratty
August 23, 2016

NICOLE: How did you get started as a social media manager both in general and specifically for Piktochart?

WILSON: Prior to joining Piktochart, I was volunteering with a non-profit organization when I was a university student and I helped to manage their social media account. That was the starting point of my growing interest for social media and with the fact that I grew up during the early days of the social media space with the likes of Friendster and MySpace, I was raised in a culture of representing myself in the social space. The opportunity to be able to manage different social media accounts for the organization was valuable in setting my foundation to be social media savvy.

I initially joined the Piktochart marketing team to help connect with our community of users and eventually owned the social media space for our brand. Recently in May, I celebrated my first work anniversary at Piktochart and it has been a great learning experience so far! I’m incredibly grateful for my team for trusting and encouraging me to always try out new approaches towards social media. This has helped me to grow further in my path as a social media manager.

NICOLE: How do you think Piktochart approaches social media for itself in an innovative way?

WILSON: At Piktochart, we’re constantly learning from social media experts and brands that are acing the social media space. Beyond those learnings, we’re also trying out new social media experiments/strategies and finding out what works best for our brand. We want to be a genuine and personal brand that relates to our audience because ultimately, our goal is to build trust and relationship with our audience on social media.

Some of the approaches we’ve implemented are; the use of emoji and gif in response to social mentions, express gratitude and love for positive social mentions, express empathy and assurance of support for negative social mentions, customized visual for updates, promoting value more than the product for our followers, and many more! We’re still learning along the way and these approaches have worked out for us so far.

The Four Pillars of a DUI Case

Legal Standards

The Criminal Court Process of a Misdemeanor Case

A Felony Case

The DMV hearing PRocess

Must Know Alcohol Facts

Visual DUI Detection


Social Media

NICOLE: In what ways can a business or individual utilize Piktochart and infographics to amp up their social media posts?

WILSON: In the social space that is overloaded with noise and content today, it has become increasingly challenging for social media managers to reach a targeted audience. Hence, the best way to catch the eye of an audience is with creative and engaging social media posts. Visuals are worth a thousand words and it helps an audience to interpret the information and message with a glance. This has also proved to increase engagement as research has shown that tweets with images like infographics receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets.

With Piktochart, we’ve designed an easy-to-use tool to help users create attractive infographics in just a few simple steps. This makes the designing process more effective as anyone can easily design an infographic with the templates available on our editor, without the need of hiring a graphic designer. Users can simply replace their own information in the customizable templates and make it their own design. This is a great tool for social media managers to increase the engagement of their social media posts with visuals such as infographics.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

NICOLE: What do you think is/are the most vital elements of a business social media strategy?

WILSON: Know your audience – that’s definitely one of the many key elements for increasing ROI for a social media strategy. By knowing your audience and who you are targeting, we can tailor our social media posts specifically for them and also reach them more effectively. Gone are the days of spammy social media posts to a general list of audiences while hoping for a small percentage of response. I think this element is vital not only for a social media strategy, but it works for any other business-related strategies. Here’s my personal belief: Reach the right audience, and you’ll hit a home run!

As an example, the data team at Piktochart recently conducted a survey poll which gave us insight on the demographic and interest of our users. Using the results of the poll, I optimized a list of target audiences on Facebook and tailored our social media posts towards them. Within a week of this experiment, I was surprised with the significant growth of our post engagement by 169% and post reach by 30%! This further enhanced my belief of this element.

NICOLE: If you were stuck on a desert island with only one app left on your phone, which would it be and why?

WILSON: I use a journalling app called Day One, and that’ll be my choice! This app will help me to write down my thoughts and keep a record of the days I’m stuck on the island, and probably also keep me sane at the same time 🙂

NICOLE: What are three things that everyone building a brand should know about social media?

1. A social media account is not just a platform for making announcements or selling a product. It’s a community.
2. Humanize your brand. People relate better to a brand when there are personalized elements to it.
3. Don’t just sell your product or service, but start by selling the values you are providing.

NICOLE: If you were advising an individual (not a company) on how to build a following, what would you tell them?

WILSON: I would start by asking them the reasons they are following certain brands on social media. Most of their answers will sound similar as such; “I follow them because they provide great traveling tips!”, “I enjoy watching their videos and learning interesting facts.”, or “They have attractive images with great stories.”

All of these relates back to the values that are provided by the brands they follow. Personally, I think Apple is one of the top names in the tech industry as they are focused on the values they provide rather than selling their products. This is a valuable learning that we can apply in growing our personal branding and following.

NICOLE: Can you share a time when you posted something and wish you hadn’t? What did you learn from that situation?

WILSON: Unfortunately, I can recall a few times in which I posted social media updates with typos. Although I remember double checking the update, I still missed out on the typo as my mind has already processed the message behind the update.

Since then, I have this practice of reading out aloud my social media updates to make sure that it sounds correct and there isn’t any typo or grammar error. If I still have uncertainties, the Grammarly extension on my Chrome browser come in handy!

NICOLE: Which currently popular app do you thinks is most likely to…

a. be replaced by an emerging app:

WILSON: Snapchat – Instagram Stories has taken the social media world by storm with its recent introduction and there’s a potential for the platform. It’s still in the early days to say if Instagram Stories will replace Snapchat, but there’s a definite possibility due to a larger public audience.

b. get even more popular:

WILSON: Snapchat – In the case of the slowing down with the hype of Instagram Stories, this will be an advantage for Snapchat and their platform will benefit from this. I’m curious to see how this ends up!

NICOLE: What is your online pet peeve?

WILSON: Hashtags for everything. #howdoesthatevenmakessense? While hashtags can be powerful for sharing and getting your content found online, it’s important to use hashtags mindfully. I’ve seen too many people using hashtags that shouldn’t even be considered as hashtags at the first place. Just keep the simple rule of thumb of using hashtags mindfully.


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